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Integrative Health Doctor, Wellness Coach, & Corporate Wellness Trainer


  • 20+ years in the Health & Wellness Industry 

  • 10+ years in Secondary & Post-secondary education for Masters & Doctoral level students

  • 10 years as a Sports Chiropractor & Integrative Health Provider to maximize healing and performance

  • Served as one of the Team Chiropractors for the US Championship Rugby Team & NCAA D1 College Athletes

  • Proven Health & Wellness Leader and Professional with exceptional knowledge and insight to effectively implement applicable strategies to improve individual and team performance


  • GA Department of Education

  • Life University

  • ACE Community Support

  • Atlanta International School

  • Eaton Corporations


“You are the only one with the power to change your thought patterns. You decide...If it doesn’t serve you, pick a new thought.” 


My superpower is my innate ability to decipher critical details in order to forge the gap between balance, harmony, and practical thought bringing calm to any situation. I have an inherent ability to lead others in their journey to G.L.O.W. (Grow and Live Optimally Well) in every dimension of health and life.


Meet Dr. Nicole McCarty, Sports Chiropractor, Integrative Health Doctor & Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Biomechanics and Soft Tissue Specialist, Author, Speaker, Corporate Wellness and Professional Development Trainer.  As the owner of MNM Integrative Wellness Solutions (DBA: The WELLYOU Bar) I have over 20 years of experience in healthcare and 12 plus years of experience in secondary and post-secondary Health and Science-based education. Perhaps more than anything, I’m a wife, a mom, a managing caregiver for my grandparents, a lover of God and people, AND a Personal Energy Conservationist!


Passionate about ALL things health, I’ve created a space for people to start and continue their journey of becoming well and the very BEST version of themselves in spite of busy schedules, fear, and lack of knowledge. A program for companies to focus on the whole wellness of their members and employees to reduce healthcare spending while increasing productivity and loyalty.

More than a generic health space, we are instead a haven and community dedicated to reducing stress & increasing self-care and restoration for the WHOLE person. My clients are often professionals in their respective fields who seemingly have it all together but internally, are a mass of disassembled pieces. This often leads to burnout, exhaustion, acute and chronic health conditions, and a loss of who they REALLY are amassed the many roles they hold. I wrote and created G.L.O.W. Rx (Grow & Live Optimally Well) to be a manual of healthy living where I focus on strengthening the 4 primary pillars of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to create the foundation for more complete people to subsequently live more complete lives. Put simply to re-ignite their G.L.O.W.


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  • Over 15 years of college basketball coaching experience at Division one and two levels.

  • My wife and I built a six-figure basketball training business.

  • Became a licensed educator. 

  • Two NCAA women's basketball national championship appearances as a coach. 


  • NYC Department of Education

  • Assumption University

  • Concordia College

  • Abbey Belmont University

  • Jacksonville University


“Nothing changes until you change.” 

I have a knack for helping others do more, earn more, & be more!



My name is Devrinn Paul, worked from a manager to division one coach, to a business owner and Coaching consultant. I have been coaching for 18 years and I’ve been at Division two, division one, high school, and professional levels. I’ve noticed while being a part of two national championship runner-up coaching staff that communication and self-awareness are identifying factors while dealing with high achievers. 



I am a very ambitious husband and Believer in Jesus Christ. 1st generation business owner. 


I am a proud graduate of Kentucky State University, University of Louisville, and Brooklyn College with an undergraduate degree in Business, and two Master’s Degrees. 


I value education and being a New York State certified educator has taught me the skills that are needed to teach and prepare others. 


I spent over a decade in college coaching, where I adopted my team-building niche and leadership skills.


I assist individuals, teams, and organizations develop personal Gameplans that are clear maps to personal success!


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  • Built a 6-figure business from $0, in less than 2 years.

  • 20+ years experience maintaining a successful business with employees

  • 20+ years experience as a professional speaker

  • Traditionally published author


  • FedEx Grounds

  • Jacob George CPA, PC

  • Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

  • ETA Extreme Edupreneur

  • Our Daily Bread

  • American Christian Fiction Writers

  • DGreene Sale Solutions

  • Ina Mae Greene Foundation


“You don’t start things and not finish them.” 


I’m a master at building lasting relationships. I seek and cultivate the strength and greatness in everyone around me.


Joy K. Massenburge has built and maintained successful businesses for over twenty years. She has written two novels, independently and traditionally published, making her a hybrid author with Lighthouse of the Carolinas, as well as a contributing author for Our Daily Bread. As the CEO of Joy K. Massenburge & Associates, she and her team of female mindset coaches go beyond the manuscript and help struggling writers identify their roadblock (s) to publication so they can produce the first draft from start to finish. Her voice can be heard professionally speaking at marriage, writer’s, women’s conferences, workshops, and retreats. She added a narrator to her professional portfolio when she debuted in Michelle Stimpson’s “MAMA B: A Time to Speak,” audible book. She serves on the national board of American Christian Fiction Writers. She is also the founding president of their ACFW-East Texas Writers.


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  • Head Project Manager of the King County Community of Opportunities Grant, over 4.5 years, 15+ partners, and $1.4 million.

  • Four times the Head Production Manager over one of the longest-running community festivals in Seattle, Washington.

  • 20+ years coaching experience and 11+ plus years as a serial entrepreneur.

  • Community Manager of Coworking space in Seattle, Washington, successfully running a weekly Business Development Mastermind Group for the last 3.5 years.

  • Former Board Member of Washington Festivals and Events Association


  • Seattle Public Schools

  • Seattle Public Library

  • University of Washington Foster School of Business

  • Seattle University

  • Mercy Corps

  • North Seattle College

  • WeWork Labs West


“It is what it is until I change it, but it takes what it takes.” 

Helping people discover and feel good about being their authentic selves.



Curtiss R. Calhoun is a Leader, Coach, Trainer, Strategist, Speaker, and Entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington.

Curtiss has 20+ years of experience coaching.  In 2016 he founded Curtiss Calhoun Coaching & Consulting, a Seattle-based coaching and consulting firm. With the mission to help Individuals and Organizations utilize the Human Connections to optimize their success. Curtiss uses wisdom gained from years of working with excellent mentors and coaches, diligent research and study, and his unique life experiences to help transform the lives of his clients. 

Curtiss works with committed professionals to maximize their opportunities, prioritize what is important, expand their mindset, and develop new behaviors, to effectively get results and create immediate and lasting change personally and professionally.