Kendall Ficklin is a thriving Entrepreneur, Trusted Coach and Advisor; Nationally-Recognized Speaker as well as Published Author.

For more than 20 years, Kendall has been at the helm of his own successful companies. He is the author of five books and the founder and CEO of GRINDATION, LLC. a coaching and consulting company.

Kendall’s entrepreneurial journey launched after leaving a 10-year career AT&T in the late 90's. From there, he opened his first barbershop in Atlanta, GA. It was during these years that Kendall’s gift for speaking and coaching became abundantly clear. Clients would enter for a haircut and leave with vigor and newfound energy to take massive action in their lives. Kendall’s advice ran the gamut—from business to personal, analytical to emotional. When he’d left corporate, Kendall already knew he had the knowledge and endurance to run a service-oriented company, but he discovered his ability to transform and draw out the best in people.

Most people want what it looks like, but they don't want what it feels like.


Since those humble beginnings, Kendall has inspired thousands of people across the country through his keynotes, seminars and training programs. His work has touched the lives of people from all walks of life, from professional athletes to hedge fund managers to students. “My journey to this point was built on commitment and sacrifice. I’ve experienced it all—from sleeping in airports when I couldn’t afford a hotel while on the road to building my business to now being in a position to hire others,” he notes.

The commitment has paid off.  Kendall has led and facilitated professional development and training sessions with major corporations such as: the NFL, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Delta, Home Depot, WNBA, AT&T, the FBI and United States Air Force to name a few.


From the barbershop to the boardroom, one thing remains consistent about Kendall: he excels at coaching. Not only is he is committed to inspiring others to reach peak performance, Kendall leads from a place of authenticity.


There is no one else like him.