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Kendall 'Coach K': Powerful Change Agent, Leadership and Team Development Expert, Accomplished Speaker, and Author.

Kendall, affectionately known as 'Coach K,' transformative Change Agent and experienced Leadership and Team Development Coach, began his journey at AT&T and progressed to a pioneering entrepreneur for the last 25 years. He is the creative force behind the 'Welcome 2 the Jungle™: 4 Animals Experience for Leadership and Team Dynamics' and an author of four books.


His sessions, known for their engaging, humorous style, are charged with high energy and packed with practical, actionable strategies. Kendall's expertise has been instrumental to organizations like the NFL, Delta Airlines, the FBI, Home Depot and the U.S. Air Force, enhancing their leadership and team dynamics.


At the heart of Kendall’s approach is the improvement of performance and productivity for leaders and their organizations. He masterfully focuses on the 4C's: creating deeper connections, fostering better communication, encouraging effective collaboration, and resolving conflicts, ensuring transformative outcomes in personal and professional environments.

Most people want what it looks like, but they don't want what it feels like.

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