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Kendall is a thriving Entrepreneur, Trusted Coach, Advisor, Nationally-Recognized Speaker and Author.

Kendall is the founder of multiple, successful businesses and currently the founder and CEO of GRINDATION, LLC. as well as the author of four books.

From humble beginnings in New Jersey at AT&T to opening multiple barbershops in Atlanta, GA to nationally recognized Coach, Kendall is also sought after by top performing CEO’s, Key Executives, Professional Athletes and High Performing Entrepreneurs.

He inspires thousands of people across the country where he trains on proven strategies to increase performance and productivity. He offers practical, actionable approaches to develop clarity and unparalleled focus.  In addition, companies and organizations such as: NFL, Delta Airlines, the FBI and United States Air Force hire him for his keynotes, coaching and training programs. 


If you are a top performing CEO, Key Executive, Professional Athlete or High Performing Entrepreneur looking for improved performance in KEY areas of your life, Kendall can help you get better and go deeper, with greater clarity, and a simplified strategy.

Most people want what it looks like, but they don't want what it feels like.

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