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Close The Gap

Who you are and what you do should be the same. When there's a gap between the two, your mojo suffers. So, close the gap. Here's what I mean. As a business coach, everyday I'm asked...

Can you give me a framework, Coach?

Can you help me with strategy, Coach?

Can you train me to be better at _____, Coach?

I absolutely can. But most of the time, my best framework, strategy, tactic, training--while it may be great--resonates only when you're in the right season of life. If you're somewhere else, your state of mind won't let you execute on it. Your story says one thing, which confuses your state. You may think you need more strategy, more information, but what you really need is to change your story.

Let's revisit a client of mine, the former technology sales rep. Her story started with her parents telling her to "go get a job and make money." So she went into sales. She didn't particularly like the job because, inside, what she really wanted to be was a singer. So the story she sold herself was, "I can't make a living by singing; it won't let me take care of a family, so singing isn't an option."

When her husband pressured her to quit her job and join his business, she resisted. It was his passion and another step away from hers. So we changed her story. I coached her on finding a place to sing for fun once a month, even if it was just karaoke. She did, and she immediately witnessed the impact she has on others' lives by doing something she loves.

Now she's a supportive partner both at home and in the family business because she's found a way to show up as her authentic self.

So, how's your mojo? If you're ready to change your story, there are 3 ways I can help:

  1. Take a free W2J Assessment. It's an eye-opening assessment that leverages the attributes of 4 animal behaviors to give individuals and business leaders personal tools to ramp up productivity, improve team culture, improve communication and substantially increase earning potential.

  2. Join our free Coffee Q&A every Saturday morning at 8am EST. It's where our business community connects on all things personal and professional growth. (Ask the group your most terrifying business question.)

  3. Schedule a Connection Call. Positive change happens through self-discovery, which starts with a conversation with someone who's been there.

When you close the gap between who you are and what you do, your possibilities are truly endless.


(Coach K)


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