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  • Kendall Ficklin

Differences Don't Necessarily Mean Conflict!

Conflict between two people is normal. After conflict occurs, we normally think in terms of conflict resolution – how to fix the problem.

I like the term conflict management, because it suggests that we are involved in helping things along from the very beginning – even before interaction occurs.

Welcome 2 the Jungle Training can be very helpful when used as a tool to build bridges of communication rather than as an excuse to build walls that hinder communication. We believe that a sincere and genuine desire to connect with someone is the correct purpose for using this information. We do not try to show you how to fix anyone else. We show you how to positively adapt to the needs of others.

In order to adapt to another person to build better bridges of communication, it is important to understand the dynamics of how different personality styles (animals) interact. We use the concept of


  • There are natural STRENGTHS from which your relationships can benefit.

  • There are also some potential STRUGGLES that you are likely to face in the relationship.

  • Here's the good news … there are STRATEGIES on interacting with others in a way that will lead to BETTER RELATIONSHIPS.

When you're ready, here are 3 ways I can help you grow and manage your success:

Register for my Welcome 2 the Jungle (W2J) training program. It's an eye-opening training that leverages the attributes of 4 animal behaviors to give individuals and business leaders personal tools to ramp up productivity, improve team culture, improve communication and substantially increase earning potential.

Join our free Coffee Q&A every Saturday morning at 8am EST. It's where our business community connects on all things personal and professional growth. (Ask the group your most terrifying business question.)

Schedule a Connection Call. Positive change happens through self-discovery, which starts with a conversation with someone who's been there.

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