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Success shouldn’t only be determined by how much money we make but also by our, mental and physical health, personal and professional relationships and our financial management.

The 4 Buckets is a framework I created to make sure I remain focused on my WHOLE LIFE not just my business.

By filling my 4 buckets it helps me identify any leaks (gaps).

Do you have leakage?

You won’t know if there is a leak until you start filling the buckets.

You must actually pour something in (daily activity) to even see if anything comes out (leaks)

Pour into each bucket daily.

Bucket #1 - Mental (Mindset & Mental Health)

Bucket #2 - Physical (Eat & Exercise)

Bucket #3 - Relational (Family & Friends)

Bucket #4 - Financial (The Money Model)

While pouring, find and fill the leaks in your buckets.

Hope this helps

Kendall (Coach K)

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