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A mind-blowing program that leverages the attributes of four distinct animals to give you and your team the tools to ramp up productivity, improve team culture, better communication and  substantially increase overall performance.

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W2J® teaches communication principles that create high-performing teams. The program runs on passion and consistency and links productivity to strategy. W2J® helps businesses understand the psychology of why people are productive (or not) and how to leverage that information to transform performance.




Deepen team bonds through understanding individual and collective behaviors, especially under stress, to foster a supportive and empathetic environment.



Refine communication skills to enhance clarity, active listening, and the constructive expression of ideas, reducing misunderstandings and promoting open dialogue.



Equip teams with strategies to approach conflicts as opportunities for growth, applying empathy and problem-solving skills to navigate and resolve disputes constructively.



Gain more clarity and understanding about your own strengths, blind-spots, and natural tendencies. Which will help you make more informed decisions.



Helping teams embrace and adapt to change with resilience and agility, preparing them for future challenges.

 W2J® is a high-energy training  experience where individuals learn about themselves and others.

Prior to the training, participants complete the online 4 Animals Profile. The personalized report is distributed in the session and will help individuals indentify their superpowers and understand their natural tendencies, needs, strengths and potential blind spots. The report offers powerful insights into dealing with other styles and how people can better manage through potentially difficult situations.

Participants will learn how to utilize the 4 Animals when communicating and listening to others, providing feedback, taking risks, coping with stress, dealing with change, managing time, working in teams, and more. 

The training program is fun, filled with laughter and learning as engaging activities allow participants to experience the 4 Animals in action. Through interactive exercises, participants discover how often they impose their style on others and how the simple shift to treating people how they need to be treated will strengthen relationships and increase effectiveness.

“This is by far one of the best seminars I've ever attended. It not only helped us professionally, but each of us personally.”


Owner, Bain Dental Group

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Four animals run "the jungle," in W2J: a lion, flamingo, chameleon, and a turtle. Each of them does things differently. What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works? What if you knew that someone’s over-bearing personality could be used as a strength? Or the fact that your indecisiveness means you're adaptable?



Bold, ambitious, and fiercely determined. They are natural born leaders who thrive in high-pressure situations. They are not afraid to make tough decisions, take risks, and push themselves to achieve their goals. Their strengths include being decisive, confident, and action-oriented, making them great at problem-solving and driving results.


Sociable, outgoing, and always ready to spread their wings. They are excellent at building relationships, connecting with others, and creating a positive and upbeat atmosphere. Their strengths include being persuasive, energetic, and optimistic, making them great at inspiring and motivating others.


Patient, adaptable, and always ready to blend in with their surroundings. They are natural born team players who are able to work well with others and build strong relationships. Their strengths include being empathetic, reliable, and steady, making them great at providing stability and support to their team.


Detail-oriented, analytical, and always striving for perfection. They are natural born problem-solvers who love to get to the bottom of things. Their strengths include being precise, logical, and systematic, making them great at ensuring accuracy and quality in their work.

The best teams are balanced, emphatic towards one another, accountable, and open. W2J breaks down HOW people communicate and WHY they do what they do.

Once upon a time, in a jungle far away, there were four animals that lived together: a Lion, a Flamingo, a Chameleon, and a Turtle. Each of them had a unique personality.

The Lion was a natural leader, confident, and decisive, always on the lookout for new opportunities and not afraid to take risks. The Flamingo, on the other hand, was the life of the party, loved socializing with others and was always ready to have fun. The Chameleon was the peacemaker of the group.  Empathetic, loyal, and always willing to help others. The Turtle was detail-oriented, analytical, and preferred to take things slow and steady.

One day, the four animals decided to go on an adventure together. The Lion took charge and led the way, while the Flamingo kept everyone entertained with jokes and storytelling. The Chameleon made sure that everyone was getting along, while the Turtle kept track of the details and made sure that everything was running smoothly.

As they journeyed deeper into the jungle, they came across a river that was too wide to cross. The Lion suggested that they swim across, but the Turtle pointed out that the river was infested with crocodiles. The Chameleon suggested building a raft, and the Flamingo volunteered to go gather the necessary materials.

Working together, they built a sturdy raft and successfully crossed the river. As they continued on their journey, they faced many more challenges, but they always worked together and used their unique strengths to overcome them.

In the end, the Lion, Flamingo, Chameleon, and Turtle all became the best of friends, and they continued to go on many more adventures together. They learned that by embracing their differences, they could accomplish great things, and that true teamwork was about supporting each other through thick and thin.


This Training Will Help Your Leaders and Team Members...

  • Identify your natural tendencies and the tendencies you adapt to under stress

  • Learn exactly how to communicate with others without assuming and guessing

  • Recognize the personality types on your team, and how to better work with them.

  • Master how your behavior affects your team when you’re stressed or frustrated.

  • Learn and dissipate how your teammates respond to critical items

  • Discover how to stop apologizing for your natural strengths.

  • Get your team on the same sheet of music, to be more productive.

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