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Overcoming Entrepreneur Anxiety

Anxiety is a "future-oriented" frame of mind. When your mind races at 100mph, psychologists recommend "staying in your time zone" with this 3-3-3 rule to brings you back to the present:

  1. Name 3 things you see

  2. Name 3 sounds you hear

  3. Move 3 parts of your body

Back in my franchise cleaning days, my anxiety over my cluelessness about money collided with my oversized ego about my sales talent. Which caused me to make stupid decisions, like bringing on a business partner (please don't do that).

So next I decided to sell out, which was a financial ruin. But at no time did I stop, do a 3-3-3, or say, "Maybe someone out there is smarter or more experienced than I am, and I can hire them to put all the pieces together so they make sense, and pull me out of my tailspin." That was a mistake.

Well, here I am, 25 years later, a business mentor to thousands of formerly anxious business owners who are now killing it in their respective fields, and I'm ready to help you overcome what's holding you back.

If you feel like you've tried everything, but are still drowning in the day to day and living life in panic mode, maybe it's time to talk to a business mentor to help you crash through endless-loop thinking and get your business back on its intended course.

How do I work with you? I'll let one of my clients describe our working relationship here in this short video.

That's step 1. Next, I want you to take advantage of 3 more simple strategies that can help you grow and manage your success:

  1. Take a free W2J Assessment. It's an eye-opening assessment that leverages the attributes of 4 animal behaviors to give individuals and business leaders personal tools to ramp up productivity, improve team culture, improve communication and substantially increase earning potential.

  2. Join our free Coffee Q&A every Saturday morning at 8am EST. It's where our business community connects on all things personal and professional growth. (Ask the group your most terrifying business question.)

  3. Schedule a Connection Call. Positive change happens through self-discovery, which starts with a conversation with someone who's been there. Ready to have that conversation?

Don't let anxiety sabotage your success when there's help out there from people who have walked your path before.

Kendall (Coach K)

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