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I was inching toward a huge running goal.

But my shoes were an inch too small.

When I signed up for a half-marathon, I went all in. Of course, that meant stopping in a running store to get the right footwear. I figured I’d learn some stuff about the latest technology in running shoes.

And I did.

But that’s not all that I learned.

I learned that I didn’t know my foot size.

My foot was an entire inch bigger than I thought.

Good-bye to my old workout kicks!

Then the running store rep took it a step further. Not only did he show me my true shoe size on the old slide scale measuring device, he made another suggestion. I needed to go up another half-size when making my purchase to give my foot the room it needed to run.

I’m going to be honest. At first, I felt like Ronald McDonald walking around in those red clown shoes.

Until I went for a run.

That’s when I noticed the pain in my toes had stopped. I literally felt like I was running on clouds. The running store rep was right.


I was reminded of a valuable business lesson in the running store.

I’m not always the expert.

Wait! Did you catch that? You may need to re-read that.

I’m not always the expert.

And you’re not always the expert.

I’ll give you an example. I was running one part of my business. I was adequate, but I wasn’t an expert. It was serviceable, but it wasn’t reaching its full potential.

Can you relate? Are you feeling pain in a part of your business the same way I was feeling the pain from running in shoes that were too small?

Do what I did.

Go see an expert.

Kendall (Coach K)


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